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White 99 sativa strain

Strongest Marijuana Strains

Published: May 20, 2024

The Quest for Potency: Discovering Cloud Covers Strongest Marijuana Strains

When it comes to cannabis, perfect potency is tough to come by. With more than 700 strains and various full-spectrum extracts available, you'd be hard-pressed to identify the one that'll give you the high you've been searching for.

Read on to learn more about potent cannabis strains that are captivating cannabis consumers and connoisseurs around the world and we'll do our best to identify a few fan favorites.

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High Expectations: Evaluating the Strongest Marijuana Strains

When evaluating the potency of marijuana strains, key indicators come into play. One indicator is the strain's THC content. It's a measure of a strain's THC concentration expressed as a percentage. As the key indicator for strength, THC content or concentration remains to be the gold standard for cannabis potency.

Of course, potency doesn't just come down to how much THC is in a strain. Other factors like terpene profile, cannabinoid concentration, and overall strain genetics contribute to a strain's strength and effects on users.

Wild Cannabis Plant Growing
Strong Marijuana Strain Plant Leaves

Peak THC: Unveiling Cloud Cover’s Strongest Marijuana Strains

"Strong" for the purpose of this blog means THC concentration of around 25% and many of our strains have THC contents that even surpass that.

However, we've narrowed the list to these seven strains:

  • 26mm Strain (Hybrid Sativa): 26mm is a cross of Z-Cubed x Allen Wrench, bred by In House Genetics. This hybrid sativa holds a sweet candy-like flavor with the subtle aroma of pine and offers an uplifting high ideal for taking on busy days.

  • Pina Grande Strain (Hybrid Sativa): Pina Grande is a cross of Pineapple Chunk x Skywalker OG, bred by Kaiser Selects. This hybrid sativa has a bright, sweet, and hazy profile combination with an uplifting, tranquil high.

  • Apple Runtz Strain (Hybrid): Apple Runtz is a cross of Runtz x Apple Fritter. This hybrid variety offers rich sour and tart apple tastes, with a medium-smooth high that will leave you relaxed, happy, and uplifted.

  • Chunk Dawg Strain (Hybrid Sativa): Chunk Dawg is a cross of East Coast Panama Chunk x i95, bred by Deep Space Creations. This hybrid sativa has unique combinations of gassy funk and tropical punch tastes for a smooth, relaxing high.

  • Cookiehead Strain (Hybrid Indica): Cookiehead is a cross of Do-Si-Dos x Headbanger from Harry Haze. This hybrid indica has a subtle diesel aroma and serves up a calm body high great for topping off the day.

  • White 99 Strain (Sativa): White 99 is a cross of Cinderella 99 x The White that was bred by Tierra Rojo. This sativa's flavor combines vanilla with a musky, kush profile. The high is a heavy hitter that is very energizing and not for the faint of heart.

  • MAC Truck Strain (Hybrid Indica): MAC Truck is a cross of MAC x Head Gasket, bred by Harry Haze Seeds. This hybrid indica has the subtle scent of menthol with kushy and gassy flavor profiles, serving up a relaxing high ideal for unwinding.

White 99 Cannabis Strain
Sativa Strain White 99 Buds Growing

Here's the best part — they're all available in our cannabis strain library!

The Strongest Marijuana Strains and More Under One Roof

The strains we've shared here are some of the potent strains available on the market. However, this list makes up just the tip of the iceberg.

From strains to concentrates, we have them all. Check out Cloud Cover Cannabis and experience potent cannabis strains done right!

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