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A Whole New Level

Cloud Cover Cannabis Is Taking Cultivation To A Whole New Level

Posted on July 9, 2018 (July 9, 2018) by andy

It should come as no surprise to anyone who is native to Oregon that the typical Oregon cannabis consumer is very particular about the quality and purity of the flower they smoke.

Enter Cloud Cover Cannabis, a new and noteworthy indoor producer that is taking marijuana cultivation in Oregon to a whole new level with its state-of-the-art facility in St. Johns. The company’s entire mission is to ensure that the flower you smoke (besides being fire) is worthy of Oregon quality standards and is as pure as it gets. After seeing what they are up to, we could tell that their tagline, FOR THE LOVE OF FLOWER, is something they live by and something we can definitely get on board with. 





We recently got the opportunity to tour their cultivation center and really were left in awe at how clean and organized it is. The company goes to great lengths to create the highest-quality flower while also utilizing the latest in anti-contamination and energy efficient technology. 


Before entering the cultivation area, everyone on the cultivation team must shower and “scrub in” to minimize the chance of any outside contaminants coming near the plants. Even if someone pops out on a break, they must shower and scrub back in. All visitors must also wear full bunny suits.

The cultivation area was out of this world, with thoughtful design and functionality and everything literally spotless. These guys thought of absolutely everything and you can tell that Joel Ruggiero, a Co-Founder and the Head of Cultivation, knew exactly what he wanted when designing this place.

The mother room is well-stocked with over 50 varieties for the Cloud Cover team to pull from as desired. The clone room is right next door, with tons of healthy little babies taking root. The hardening and veg rooms are next, with full-spectrum light and an extra-long veg cycle to get the plants as healthy, adjusted and vigorous as possible.

The flower rooms smelled delicious and were pristine and slick in their design and organization. I couldn’t believe the sights and smells that were attacking my senses. Each plant snug in a locally sourced Root Pouch and provided with the utmost care and attention.


Beyond the design, Cloud Cover uses some amazing energy efficient equipment in its facility. In fact, the Energy Trust of Oregon granted Cloud Cover the largest rebate ever for a cannabis company based on their HVAC and lighting systems. The technology Cloud Cover uses is pretty damn incredible, with HVAC and custom control systems that can maintain temperature, humidity, and CO2 in very tight ranges and at setpoints, most other systems can’t achieve. Every aspect of the rooms and environment can be controlled through one centralized custom system, whether from the facility or on Joel’s phone. Pair that with the team they are building, and it feels like a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to clean water and nutrients, Cloud Cover built their own reverse osmosis filtration system. Two towering 5,000-gallon tanks hold purified water and supply it to each of the cultivation rooms’ satellite tanks, which contain hand-mixed nutrients specific to the plants being fed.

Whether you’re in the industry or a consumer, you are certain to appreciate the lengths Cloud Cover is going to in order to produce the best flower. Every square foot in the facility serves a purpose and is optimized for the best growing experience for the plant while maintaining a disciplined focus on efficiency and minimizing waste.

They did it all #fortheloveofflower, something we all can appreciate. If you’re a consumer be sure to keep an eye out on The Daily Leaf for free samples and tour contests, and if you’re in the industry be sure to reach out to the Cloud Cover team so you can meet them and hear more about their vision. If you’re lucky, you may even get to tour the facility and see what the buzz is all about!